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“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” ~Thomas Jefferson
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge has its limitations, while imagination has no limits.” ~Albert Einstein
I love Arizona, I loathe its intrusive governments, especially the City of Phoenix.

“The 'Greatest Generation' is the one that ABOLISHED the USA military draft.”
~Dennis Wilson, Arizona writer

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Gallery Name Gallery Description Total Images
AncapediaAncapedia icons and pictures3
General Use PhotosGeneral photo area, also temp holding area for migration of MSN sites by Dennis Wilson407
Pictures in ArticlesPictures used in Articles on this forum185
AtlasAikido pictsPictures added by AtlasAikido17
Animated eMotiesAnimated eMoties10
Refugees--NOT immigrantsRefugees--NOT immigrants16
Capitalism and SocialismMemes for Capitalism and Socialism12
Hiroshima & Detroit37
Brainstorming & Other BooksImages from Professional Creativity by Eugene Von Fange containing brainstorming guidelines.45
My '49 FordHere are some old pics of my 1949 Ford.4
Cars, cars and more carsCars, cars and more cars5
My House"under re-construction..."16
Paul Yaeger Houses9
AircraftPictures of airplanes that I like5
Scott Winton articlePhotos that go with the Scott Winton article at
Operation Rize-Police Raid on vaultsOperation Rize-Police Raid on vaults10
QR CodesQuick Response Codes1
Justin & Jason3
Covenant docsCovenant of Unanimous Consent20
Anson Grade School3
Vaccine ChartsVaccine Charts and images0

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