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“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” ~Thomas Jefferson
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge has its limitations, while imagination has no limits.” ~Albert Einstein
I love Arizona, I loathe its intrusive governments, especially the City of Phoenix.

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~Dennis Wilson, Arizona writer

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Subject Started by Replies Views Last post
Defect Methodologies Hamper Industry. DennisLeeWilson 1 12534 Last post 2012-February-01 01:37:10 AM
by AtlasAikido
Obama’s Bailout of General Electric & Market Bets on General Electric Bankruptcy DennisLeeWilson 1 4436 Last post 2009-March-04 06:35:35 AM
by DennisLeeWilson
Reisman wrote about insurance companies and bank melt down: DennisLeeWilson 2 3262 Last post 2009-February-19 10:36:41 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Why the Feds Didn't Bail Out Lehman DennisLeeWilson 0 2142 Last post 2009-February-19 10:32:55 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
The Market Loves Linux (That's Why It's Thriving) DennisLeeWilson 1 2844 Last post 2009-February-19 10:30:38 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
If they can get you asking the wrong questions... DennisLeeWilson 0 2952 Last post 2009-February-19 10:13:38 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Consultant Debunking Unit visits Toyota City! DennisLeeWilson 1 4503 Last post 2009-February-19 10:06:04 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Pearls Before Breakfast (with Joshua Bell!) DennisLeeWilson 0 2356 Last post 2009-February-19 09:48:17 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Micro managing improvements with SS Black Belt red tape at IBM. DennisLeeWilson 2 5472 Last post 2009-February-19 09:37:46 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Ken Roberts: Why your dreams aren't coming true . . . . DennisLeeWilson 0 2163 Last post 2009-February-19 09:26:01 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Free Market Solutions to Weather. DennisLeeWilson 1 2619 Last post 2009-February-19 04:27:52 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Free Market Solutions to High Priced Gas. DennisLeeWilson 0 1982 Last post 2009-February-19 04:21:46 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Deep Six for Six Sigma. Its time has come. DennisLeeWilson 1 3075 Last post 2009-February-19 04:10:10 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Jeff Immelt's Latest at GE. Wayyyy NOT far enough... DennisLeeWilson 0 2182 Last post 2009-February-19 03:59:00 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Llewellyn Rockwell's excellent analysis of the New Orleans disaster! DennisLeeWilson 0 2282 Last post 2009-February-19 03:46:27 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Price gouging in an emergency as preventing misery... DennisLeeWilson 0 1880 Last post 2009-February-19 03:24:30 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Fin De Bubble 2005 DennisLeeWilson 0 2003 Last post 2009-February-19 02:30:59 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Reducing employment, not increasing it. DennisLeeWilson 0 1889 Last post 2009-February-19 02:28:58 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
$4500 Six Sigma quality printers for free! DennisLeeWilson 1 2573 Last post 2009-February-19 02:18:24 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
Big Charge Looming at GE DennisLeeWilson 0 1808 Last post 2009-February-19 02:14:21 PM
by DennisLeeWilson
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