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Author Topic: Are Americans suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”?  (Read 10775 times)
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« on: 2010-December-19 02:24:13 PM »

Are Americans suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”?
Links to this article: ‘ ’  “ ”  ' '  " "
Old link:

The “new” Marlboro man!

A government sheep herder checks to see that one of his flock
is properly neutered.

Can you believe that an American would voluntarily GO to a place
where HE KNOWS that the government will do this to him?

I have tried and tried to see that picture as Defiance
or some variation of “Fuck the Government!”  or “Suck This!”
but I always come up with just the opposite.

There is NO defiance here!

That dumb, shoeless, cowardly SMUCK actually PAID MONEY,
voluntarily WENT to that place,
IS WILLFULLY PARTICIPATING in his own Public Humiliation.

America JUSTLY DESERVES the name “A Nation of Sheep!”

“Sheep have two speeds , Grazing and Stampede”
10A106 Victim Sanction  by Jim Davies, 12/19/2010  [Emphasis added]

On Friday evening, I watched the MSNBC program Dateline as it related how Elizabeth Smart was rescued from her kidnappers in Utah in 2003, and reflected that it may help explain why so many people tolerate government.

In case you missed them, the highlights of the story are that this 14-year-old girl was taken from her bed in June 2002 in her parents’ upscale Salt Lake City home, and vanished. Nine months later, she was spotted on the street in Sandy, UT, with two older people and rescued - but only after resisting the rescue and telling the cops to leave her abductors alone.

The lead kidnapper was a religious weirdo called Mitchell, who kept Elizabeth in a primitive shack in the hills outside SLC with the help of his wife, and who after making her his second “wife” raped her repeatedly and tethered her to a nearby tree with a steel cable until she submitted. Then he dressed her in a burka and the strange trio would appear in public. Elizabeth had several opportunities to escape but did not take them. It appears that after being ill-treated for many weeks she “flipped” and, encouraged by crumbs of favor, largely thought of herself as part of Mitchell’s family. Although she testified to all this at his recent trial, she was understandably reluctant even now to speak of it on camera and NBC respected that. Fortunately, she was able to re-adjust to normal life back home.

Elizabeth’s behavior has been called an example of the “Stockholm Syndrome”, so called because after some bank employees in that city were held by robbers in 1973 for several days, they too flipped and identified with their captors. It seems that constant, frightening deprivation interspersed with occasional favors can cause the victim to relate to and depend upon his tormentor. It didn’t take long!

Government has tormented Americans in almost uncountable ways, yet Americans keep voting for more.

  • It repeatedly steals half the product of our labor, and such taxation is like rape. It pretends to exist to “protect” us, yet routinely exposes us to actual dangers.

  • It pretends to care for us in old age, but actually impoverishes the elderly by stealing the means to buy pensions and then paying us about a third of what free-market insurers would pay.

  • It claims to stabilize the economy but actually provokes instability like the present Greatest Recession.

  • It pretends to provide “free” education for all regardless of means, but actually dumbs down all but a select few and obstructs those who try to reform obscenely expensive school districts.

  • It has multiplied health-care costs by about seven times in real terms, while destroying 98.5% of the currency’s value in less than a century.

  • It is striving daily to abolish privacy, on the Internet and in the airports.

  • It screams panic about an alleged “global warming” but distorts data suggesting there is none and fails utterly to establish that if it does exist, it is man-made.

  • It wages war with an ally that is notably less than reliable, just for the sake of waging war. [Attached below]

  • It pretends to operate on a “limited” basis while knowing full well that it never was limited and never could be.

  • Some of our money it steals is given to foreign governments on the pretext of promoting “democracy” but it actually promotes dictatorship and poverty of the people, preventing a free market raising their living standards.

And so on; the list is almost endless and if you need more, peruse the ZGBlog archive. Yet at every election, tens of millions turn out to beg for more of the same.

Why do Americans keep identifying with our captors? - because most folk have been brainwashed, far worse than that young girl in Salt Lake City. The fix? - a course of de-programming from the Cult of the Omnipotent State.
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« Reply #1 on: 2010-December-19 08:12:13 PM »

From the previous article emphasis added

10A001: Endless War by Jim Davies, 7/31/2010

One subset of the 90,000-odd Wikileaks that Bradley Manning has allegedly let loose on the world is the revelation that a key department of the Pakistani Government - its intelligence service - has been funneling our money to the Taliban. US Government people rushed to assure us that among the "secret" memoranda Brad so heroically bestowed upon us, "nothing new" had been revealed. Therefore, they have known about this for a long time, yet evidently did nothing to stop it.

There are only two possibilities:

   1. The Feds could not stop it, or
   2. The Feds did not wish to stop it

It's not credible that the FedGov could not lean on its Paki friends and insist that this outrage be terminated yesterday, the moment (a long time ago, they tell us) they first discovered it was going on. Accordingly, Alternative #2 applies. Now, why might our government wish to finance its alleged enemies?

Try as I have, I can only imagine one reason: they want the Afghan war to continue, and think that without some extra funding the Taliban would collapse and so bring it to an end. Of course, that does lead us to a second question: why might the Feds want this war to continue?

Within the abundant storehouse of government lies, spins, excuses, fictions and fairy tales I can imagine no answer to that one. Their whole pretense has been that nine years ago they invaded Afghanistan to root out Osama bin Ladin as the 9/11 perp, and destroy the government that had harbored him and his gang. Success was spectacular, except that bin Ladin has been slipperier than an eel in BP oil. And so the endless war continues, with no end in view and no purpose that plain Peorians can perceive.

We therefore have to look outside that storehouse, and I'm suggesting the answer is that war - especially low-level war with relatively light casualties - is very good for government. Some of the ways:

    * It prolongs the myth that "we" need Leaders to protect us from a common danger
    * It keeps scores of thousands of men in uniform, well-paid and (except Brad) loyal to those Leaders
    * It furnishes lucrative contracts to weapons firms, to stimulate generous re-election contributions

Without the stimulus of war every few years - or better yet, Orwell-like continuous war - ordinary folk like us might get the idea that we really don't need government. Without a large and loyal military, plain people might get on with our own peaceful lives and forget loyalty, duty, the Flag, the Country. And without those contracts, manufacturers might have to make smart plowshares instead of swords, and sell them to multiple buyers in a competitive market, and make less money with which to help their friends get re-elected.

And none of that would ever do, for it might fast lead to a zero-government society.
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Existence exists & Man's mind can know it.

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« Reply #2 on: 2010-December-23 10:57:36 AM »

THIS article certainly confirms that American Sheep are filled with "Stockholm Syndrome" ["SS"] and don't even consider alternatives to government controlled airports. [emphasis added]

A Nation of Sheep: Travel-trained Americans take security with sigh

Dec 21, 4:40 PM (ET)


NEW YORK (AP) - Explosive snow globes? You've got to be kidding, Robyn Burford thought when security inspectors at the Portland, Ore., airport demanded she hand over her two glitter-filled souvenirs.

The snow globes might contain explosive nitroglycerin, an officer informed the 16-year-old from Houston. Instead of complaining, Burford did what thousands of other travelers are doing when confronted with pat-downs, body scanners and the other indignities of air travel this holiday season.

She bit her tongue and obeyed.

"I think we're actually getting used to the fact that we have to go through so much to go places," Burford said. ["Stockholm Syndrome" ["SS"] confirmed!]

As the Christmas travel week arrives, it appears Americans are getting used to flying under the specter of terrorism and the new inconveniences the government deems necessary to combat it. Most people surrender to body scans and invasive pat-downs with little fuss. Resignation has replaced fear.

Even when the Newark, N.J. airport, one of the country's biggest, closed a terminal containing a "suspicious package" on Monday, most travelers shrugged off the two-hour disruption.

Holiday air travel is up 2.8 percent this year, says the AAA motorists' club, which surveys Americans about their travel plans. That's about the same as the increase in the number of people who are driving, which suggests that U.S. travelers are undeterred by airport security measures introduced after a Nigerian was arrested on charges of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day 2009 with explosives hidden in his underwear.

The Transportation Security Administration has installed 483 full-body image scanners at 78 airports, and plans to have 1,000 in place by the end of 2011. In late October, the agency announced a new, more invasive pat-down procedure in which inspectors touch the inside of passengers' legs, the groin area and along the buttocks.

Outrage over the screenings grew in November. Hundreds of thousands of people viewed a cell-phone video in which a California man resisted a scan and groin check at the San Diego airport with the words, "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested."

Some travelers tried to organize a boycott of the body scanners ahead of Thanksgiving, but the movement fizzled, [because TSA turned off their Xray machines to avoid the confrontation...dlw] said Airports Council International-North America, which represents airport managers. There were no signs of a revolt this time, either, the organization said.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll last month found that 64 percent of Americans support the use of body scanners. The random telephone poll of 514 people had a margin of error of 5 percentage points.

Lucas Wiseman got the pat-down treatment for the first time this week in Dallas and said it was "a little over the top, a little invasive."

"It felt more like a rubdown than a pat-down, to be honest," the 32-year-old said. He said he understands the need for security - but that next time he'll ask for the frisking to be done in a private room instead of in front of other passengers.

Others are less bothered by the measures.

"If it means me getting naked, I'll get naked and get right on the plane," said Gil Torres, 49, as he waited at Chicago's O'Hare International for a flight to the Philippines.

Shama Chopra, a Montreal woman who was on the Christmas flight with the Nigerian suspect, is now so concerned about safety that she and her husband, Raman Chopra, avoid flying together. They take separate flights to keep their children from turning into "instant orphans" if something happened, Raman Chopra said.

Aside from the screening measures, the TSA says it is using bomb-sniffing dogs, explosive detectors and "behavior detection officers" trained in spotting suspicious travelers. The agency's Secure Flight Program compares passenger manifests with government databases to spot possible attackers before they even arrive at the airport.

[Ah HA! SOME American DO make alternative arrangements!!]

The complications have deterred at least some of the 92.3 million people traveling over the holidays from taking a plane. Mike Higgins of Oklahoma City said long security lines and air travel delays are part of the reason he and his wife are driving 1,100 miles to Las Vegas for Christmas.

"It's less hassle," said Higgins. "I'd rather have the freedom of driving."

But those who have switched from air to car travel because of security are in the minority, AAA spokeswoman Nancy White said. There has been no "significant hike" in motorists because of airport security or fears of a terrorist attack, she said.

Chris Soulia, the president of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1234, a union that represents 1,800 TSA agents in several Western states, said officers are seeing more cooperation from passengers in recent months.

"The passengers are getting used to the new screening procedures, probably because we've had so much coverage in the press," he said. He added that people haven't made a fuss about the imaging machines.

"A lot of people who come through, their standard response is, 'That's it? That's what all the fuss is about?'" he said.

One hiccup Soulia noted: Wrapped presents. Agents must unwrap them if they have to screen a bag.

Once on board, air travelers appear to be behaving themselves. [How very nice of the sheep to "behave themselves". Did travelers NOT "behave themselves" in the decades of air travel BEFORE TSA (i.e. when *I* was an air traveler)?]

Many passengers said they have learned to get to the airport earlier to deal with security delays. Cynthia Jordan, 24, flies about twice each year from Columbia, S.C., to Detroit and typically arrives at airports two hours before her flight takes off.

"No problems. It bothers me that you have to take off so much stuff," she said. "But it's a safe way to keep everything in good hands."

There are still plenty of eye-rolling moments, however.

After relinquishing her two $6.95 snow globes, Burford discovered that the same snow globes were on sale at a gift shop beyond the security checkpoint. She replaced them - at a cost of $11.95 each. [Next day, HER globes were probably on sale there.]

The TSA says snow globes have been on its list of banned items for years because of the difficulty of determining how much liquid is inside them.

At London's Stansted Airport, John Fitzgerald and his wife were delayed a half-hour after security inspectors told them the plastic sandwich bag they had brought to carry their toiletries was not acceptable because it did not have a zippered closure. They had to go to a store to buy another bag.

"There's these things you have to do, and you're not quite sure what their importance is or why they're asking you to do it in this particular way," Fitzgerald said. The TSA and foreign security agencies say they require the zippered bags for consistency's sake, and for easily verifying the quantity of items.

Robert Nisely, 60, said he always gets a pat-down because he has a pacemaker, but the friskings have gotten more thorough in the last year. On Tuesday, he was waiting for a flight to Buffalo at New York's LaGuardia Airport.

"I feel marginally safer because of the new procedures, but what people often forget is the next terrorist attack may not even involve airports or airplanes," he said. "Somebody could strap a bomb on his back and go into Grand Central Station or Penn Station. So it's like you're always fighting the last war."

In Newark, N.J., authorities closed a terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport for two hours on Monday after radiation was detected coming out of a computer terminal checked as baggage. Authorities later determined the radiation was normal.

Erika Holland, who flew in from Nashville to Los Angeles on Monday to spend the holidays with friends, said she didn't have to undergo extra screening measures such as the body scanning machines or the enhanced pat-downs, but said she wouldn't be against the invasive checks.

"I'm willing to give up a lot as long as I can fly safely," Holland said.

["give up a lot"Huh You have NOT A CLUE what you have given up!..Dennis]

Associated Press writers contributing to this report were: Tamara Lush in St. Petersburg, Fla., Edward White and Corey Williams in Detroit, Susan Montoya Bryan in Albuquerque, N.M., Daisy Nguyen in Los Angeles, Errin Haines in Atlanta, Brett Zongker in Arlington, Va.; Ted Shaffrey and David Porter in Newark, N.J.; Kristen Wyatt in Denver; Alicia Caldwell in Washington and Robert Ray in Chicago.
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