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Author Topic: Troll Watch  (Read 5657 times)
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« on: 2012-January-16 03:15:39 PM »

Troll Watch


A troll is an excellent avatar. It attaches itself under an article--muddies it by attaching itself to it, and then WAITS rather than submit an article. It cannot because it is incapable of building its own bridge!

As you will come to see, engaging in a dialog with a troll makes as much sense as debating with a TSA agent, highwayman or delivering an impassioned soliloquy to an automated computer "Abuse" program.  

Once one understands The Sad Truths of Internet trolls one comes to see that a troll--like the emperor--has no clothes!

Notice Regarding Copyrighted Material found in this article.

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this article is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for news reporting, education, research, comment, criticism & educational purposes, which constitutes a 'fair use' of such copyrighted material.
[ Ref. ]
Furthermore, copyright holders are attributed and no advertising fees have been charged for the publicity.

1. Trolls enjoy using shock-value statements to get angry responses from others [which it will use to draw you in].

~It will post provocative comments to an article and wait like a highwayman or bar brawler. Miss the posted warning signs and one risks falling prey to a swarm of authoritarian non-sequiters delivered using a technology enhanced and amplified spider's web.

~Or it will spy on you. Revealed: "US Spy Ops Using Social Networking Sock Puppets. The US military awarded a contract for software to create 500 *fake personas on social networks* in order to *secretly influence* online debate with propaganda".

~Most recently a computer program swarmed and overwhelmed posting and responding to almost every article and reply with non sequiturs and abuse--until the site finally banned it (But ONLY after this article was posted).

~Swarming--a form of shock and awe--applies not only to computer programs (using ELIZA based Artificial Intelligence (AI)) but to drones.

2. Trolls gain energy (power) by you insulting them.

~Much like TSA Agents or State troopers commanding ordinary mundanes, Rand Paul found that airport security is not about his welfare nor safety and certainly not yours, AND they will happily insult and assault you.

~Rand is clearly not a dis-empowered ordinary mundane, which would account for the fact they made him wait TO HIDE and lie about the fact that there IS a computer programmed countdown real or fake randomly selecting mundanes for pat-downs--whilst allowing him (not you) to question AND refuse that "mandatory pat-down" (an insult to them) AND without jailing and humiliating him, although they clearly impeded him (which was infact an detainment AND arrest trial ballon of a congressman).

~You are clearly not a congressman and the TSA knows it. Do you? Trolls gain credibility when sanctioned and opposed. Let them stand around doing nothing and swatting at flies whilst known risks ARE escorted by security forces onto flights. Resolve to avoid these bottle necks, trawl bot nets AND their entrapment.  
3. Trolls gain energy (power) when you get angry.

~A troll gains *power* by letting it dictate the rules and from your failure to protect yourself from its arbitrary dictates. Contrary to TSA accusations that Rand Paul got angry, camera evidence clearly shows otherwise. Don't expect to get a fair shake when dealing with trolls.

~Don't go to the airport. And don't go to sites that sanction trolls and their bots. As evidenced at a site where posters were responding to a computer program without noticing the pattern, rapidity and plethora of its answers as being machine like. Although there is nothing precluding a human editing the responses of an ELIZA based AI program. and and

4. Trolls are immune to criticism and logical arguments. True trolls cannot be reasoned with, regardless of how sound your logical argument is.

~The reason posters responding to a site troll were getting NO real answers is because they were "talking" to an updated version of ELIZA (a computer program written in the 60's), complete with screen scrapers, extensive data bases and AI "learning" tools (including "Abuse" program capabilities that verbally abuse users based on their input).

~Human trolls have a different but eerily similar feel to troll bots: See Homeland Security Trolling We Won’t Fly Blog

~Of course you can't reason with Barney Fife on steroids. We are not talking about Matt Dillon. But the equivalent of a British Sheriff of Nottingham. And Rand Paul found this out himself at the airport. A mere mundane would have ended up in jail.

5. Trolls do not feel remorse like you and me. They have sociopathic tendencies, and accordingly, they delight in other people having hurt feelings.

~Much like observing a TSA agent, policeman, politician or the politically connected. They exhibit NO compassion nor empathy.  

~Anything you point out it will ignore. It is a very one sided set-up that plays to its disregard for human lives. Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population And

~This might explain why Bill and Melinda Gates are against saving 800,000 kids a year using DDT  

6. Trolls consider themselves separate from the social order.

~If I do not see a troll for what it is--troll exceptionalism-- then of course my life is going to be disrupted.    

7. Trolls do not abide by etiquette or the rules of common courtesy.

~If they are official thugs then many will kowtow to them.   .

8. Trolls consider themselves above social responsibility.

~All the better to see them for what they are. Although this is clearly not sufficient.  

9. The only way to deal with a troll is to ignore him, or take away his ability to post online.

~Well not until you understand what is going on. Just telling someone to shrug is asking anyone too much. Rand wrote a book on the subject (Atlas Shrugged) and still too many miss the meaning. But after writing this article I freed myself.

10. More information can be found here: What Is an Internet 'troll'? Internet for Beginners Study number

~ It is very rule based and without the above understanding, useless to me.

11. Who--once enlightened--would accept let alone entertain the notion that a "troll or vandal" "provides documented evidence that YOU hold contradictions, and that encourages YOU to check your premises". Indeed you do if you let him/her have its way with you by sTrolling in its vicinity.

12. "If one wants to strike-at-the-root of increased violence, it can be traced back to one thing DOMESTICATION"

~This coming from a troll to his victims is how funny to you dear reader?

13. It is hardly "easier to think" and explore ideas and trade with others if one has a "troll or vandal" around. It is "submissive" and highly destructive if one continues to give such by conceding the moral high ground. Here is an article that brings to light the actual issues regarding DDT: “DDT Ban & Malaria: An Unnecessary Tragedy, INDEED!”

* An article that questions the wasted and misguided efforts of the (Bill & Melinda) Gates Foundation and the complete blackout of the role of DDT in eradicating malaria.
* The government ban on DDT has caused MORE HUMAN DEATHS since 1970 than ALL the government wars and genocides since the beginning of the 20th Century--and the deaths still continue EVERY DAY! Malaria kills 800,000 children per year, thanks to Government bans on DDT in the 1970s!

14. ALL trolls exhibit the above and when issued uniforms, tin badges and/or patches and guns such as cops, universal soldiers and other government agents, they become extremely dangerous. This website summarizes some of the common features of descriptions of the behavior of sociopaths and their power trips. I do NOT underestimate the source of power--words and ideas--thanks to Ayn Rand.

Armed trolls do NOT like to be photographed.

15. Sometimes trolls work as packs like the SW AT team in Tucson that murdered a marine who served two combat tours. They did so as a pack because individually they are cowards. Trolls fear exposure, which is why Wikileaks is constantly under attack and why they don't like being photographed nor challenged. See From the Right To Resist the 'Duty To Submit' by William Norman Grigg as it relates to Austin Police Brutality Against Army Ranger Captain For Taking Photos Of Cops Abusing Woman In Cuffs
16. To further understand the language of sociopaths and how to undo that at the language level I recommend the Anatomy of Slavespeak

*To see thru the troll is to be free of it*. If within a short time the moderator does nothing then that tells you much and you should already know what to do! Walk away! The site at that point has become a Troll Lair. To see thru those who are still not free of the troll is to be free of them. If you do post, post to the article and not to the troll. And point that out if you need to in a following post.      

There is nothing one can say to sociopaths and this includes trolls. Waiting for the site/board moderator to clear up the issue is futile. I have also noticed salespeople and managers using troll subterfuge on the unwary not to mention those who imbibe in the master slave game of marriage, wife and husband and too many mothers and fathers on their siblings.

I'd like to thank Dr. Ron Paul for bringing this to me attention when he responded to Billy O'Reilly and called him out on his knavish ways. And my thanks to Suverans2 and livingfreeretiree at Strike the Root. We all took a sTroll with a troll.

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« Reply #1 on: 2012-January-25 03:45:05 PM »

Check the IP address of suspected trolls. If it falls within the 216.81.*** range, it is probably DHS.

See article below as
Homeland Security Trolling We Won’t Fly Blog

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« Reply #2 on: 2012-October-23 05:07:45 PM »

AtlasAikido was recently accused of being a "hypocritical troll" for repeatedly failing to explain how the following alleged "admonishments" can possibly be any different from his own needs and approach:

Admonishment I: "Jim Davies's need to fix others IS a false alternative".  


Admonishment 2: 'This is a fitting Jim Davies signature line: "[Harry] Browne's advice ["How I Found Freedom in an UNFree World"] is unmatched, for living as happily as possible in an unfree world. [Wait for the But:] My [Jim Davies] interest is in living - *or at least enabling my children to live* - in a free one [Jim will know when, you hope]. Bye bye"'.

Regarding the above:

Point I: "By making my life better i.e. Voting with my feet--My children's lives automatically START in better place. Of course they have free will, and they are free to screw it up as much as they want. There is no WE!

I am an individual as are my children. Even with children, (there is no We), living their lives for them puts one in a controlling position. One might as well be government.

What about all the people who don't have children? Hell, half the population don't have children. Look at all the children and young adults who don't have children.

Jim Davies whole argument falls apart for lack of children! Or perhaps its too many children? LOL!!

Perhaps the government argument "for the chiiiildren" is a poor justification for anything.


Point II: In this second post AtlasAikido shows what following an indirect alternative (The Group Trap) necessarily leads to...

'In this country the president consistently claims to have the mandate "from the people", and consistently claims the right to invade countries or change govts in countries where voters comprise less than 50% of the population---calling them 3rd world countries and illegitimate govts. In the elections in this country, non-voters (apathetic, deliberate, for what ever reason) are rapidly approaching 50%. When non-voters exceed 50% The United Nations and perhaps China can be expected to declare the US **to be**...(Well fill in the blanks yourself) AtlasAikido'

Point III: What was posted prior to these last two responses was a link teasing out what "The Covenant of Unanimous Consent" achieves as it relates to direct alternatives and personal inter-relationships. The Covenant of Unanimous Consent

The accusation of "hypocritical troll" fails! I believe the above demonstrates a respect for ideas and individuals AND without the need to convince or control others i.e. "direct alternative" (the freedoms of "Live and Let Live"), which I submit is CERTAINLY NOT THE SAME as having a disrespect for ideas AND the "indirect alternative" of fixing others to achieve one's ends!  Although one can understand that when the "troll" accusers said they read all the links, one must note that they are CERTAINLY not even remotely ready for such (self-rule).

Finally I address the red herring issue of being an intellectual property "thief" in the next post.
Ref: The following supports AND explains how the Covenant works. "Enterprise of Customary Law" Mises Daily: Friday, June 29, 2007 by Bruce L. Benson

See brief Book review--Freedom Naturally AND The Market for Liberty by Morris and Linda Tannehill

If a person reads the Covenant and does not sign, this is their choice. It is not incumbent on me to control others but based on self-rule, self interests and self incentives of each individual in trade with each other. And if they do sign and do not follow the Covenant then it becomes clear that they have broken it and what the consequences are.
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« Reply #3 on: 2012-October-23 10:20:46 PM »

The following was NOT posted as the accuser's "thievery" issues are red herrings. I post this here as a reminder to myself of what NOT to respond to and under what conditions.

Someone who beats one over the head for failing to attribute a paraphrase to Emma Goldman has NO respect for ideas let alone Emma's, which ARE BEING used by me 100 years after her death! Someone with respect for ideas would be thanking me!

Here is the paraphrase: "But really, if voting achieved anything it would be made ILLEGAL". There is no copyright and even if there was it is it CERTAINLY not thievery*. Not to mention that Samuel Langhorn Clemens made a similar remark: "If voting made any difference they woudn't let us do it".  

*Indeed marrying the idea of intellectual property [copyright] to the notion of being independent actually generates the opposite--extreme dependence and mandatory intellectual compliance! What if the idea that one should be independent and creative itself actually came from someone else? One must constantly acknowledge one's debts. "If You Believe in IP, How Do You Teach Others?" Mises Daily: Monday, November 16, 2009 by Jeffrey A. Tucker  

PS re: We Only Have Free Speech . . .
Posted by David Kramer on November 3, 2012 02:56 PM

Tom: As for who said "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal," I've heard that anarchist Emma Goldman said it. (Like you, I've also heard that Mark Twain said it.)

The bottom line is: Do we really care who said it? No matter who said it—it's TRUE!!!

Updated link

Abandoned link

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