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“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” ~Thomas Jefferson
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge has its limitations, while imagination has no limits.” ~Albert Einstein
I love Arizona, I loathe its intrusive governments, especially the City of Phoenix.

“The 'Greatest Generation' is the one that ABOLISHED the USA military draft.”
~Dennis Wilson, Arizona writer

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Author Topic: Index to Covenant Articles  (Read 5731 times)
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Index to Covenant Articles
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Collected Articles About

The Covenant of Unanimous Consent is
a Political Statement
based upon, and explicitly derived from
the ethical/moral principle contained in
the Non-Aggression Principle.

The Covenant fulfills the promise of
Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence.

It can be used by
Agorist, Anarcho-capitalist, Anarchist, Autarchist and Survivalist Communities;
Objectivist “Galt” Gulches and similar Societies; Redoubts;
Family/Community Farms; Free State Groups; Phyles;
Private Schools, Colleges and Universities;
Private Apartment Buildings; Home Associations;
Restricted or Gated Communities;
Supersedure Zones; Sea Steads;
Temporary and Permanent Autonomous Zones; “Cities of Refuge”;
Independent Economic Territories; ZEDEs;
Friendships; Marriages; Polyamorous, Polygamous, Polyandrous groups
Voluntary Groups of any size--two people or more.

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Index to Articles--The Covenant of Unanimous Consent

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller
[2015-12-18] Whither Now, libertarian?
-- article by Dennis Wilson    + Disqus Comments

  • Lew Rockwell’s “coming out” of the immigration closet and embracing of Hans Hermann Hoppe’s closed-borders position has (once again) split the libertarian community. Ludwig von Mises, himself a refugee from Hitler’s ambitions, would be appalled at what his student has done!
  • So whither now, libertarian? Will you continue the futile effort of trying to stop a government that is hell-bent to tyranny and beyond the point of no return? Or ...
[2015-07-04] Jefferson’s Promise, Smith’s Fulfillment
-- article by Dennis Wilson    + Disqus Comments

  • July 4th Reflections on the 30th* Anniversary of the Covenant of Unanimous Consent
[2013-01-11] What *IS* The Bare Minimum...?
-- article by Dennis Wilson    + Disqus Comments

  • What *IS* the absolute bare minimum that Voluntary Groups of any size--two people or more--need to agree upon, in order to live together peacefully and productively?
  • The slow motion collapse of central governments, following the historical model of the Imperial Roman Empire, will lead has already led to conditions in which the Covenant can and should play a vital role.
[2011-11-19] What IS a “Political Statement”? Click HERE.
-- article by Dennis Wilson    + Disqus Comments

  • What *IS* a “Political Statement”?
  • Why is One Needed?
  • Who would Use It?
[1957--1986] Galt’s Oath, the Non Aggression Principle &

FOUNDATIONS of the Covenant

Autarchy, *IS* the proper foundation for the Covenant of Unanimous Consent. Robert LeFevre and his “autarchy” were acknowledged major influences on a young L. Neil Smith, in addition to the writings of Ayn Rand. Reading Smith’s Covenant of Unanimous Consent is like reading a summary Robert LeFevre’s article on Autarchy. In various articles, L Neil Smith acknowledges his intellectual debt to Robert LeFevre and to Ayn Rand.

Here are two articles by Robert LeFevre that nicely form a foundation for the Covenant:

(Winter, 1965)

by Robert LeFevre

(Summer, 1966)

by Robert LeFevre
[2005-08-07] The Covenant: An Alternate Form of “Social Contract”
-- article by Dennis Wilson

  • A response to “What The Hell To Do Now?” and Paul Wakfer’s “Natural Social Contract”[/i]
[2006-08-06] “A personal journey from Objectivist morality to political “AnarchyAbolition Agorism Autarchy by way of the Covenant of Unanimous Consent!”
-- article by Dennis Wilson

  • (A little bit like an autobiography.)
  • As can be seen by the strike thrus, it has been an extended journey--and it ends at Autarchy!!
[2006-08-13] more on “A personal journey… ”
-- article by Dennis Wilson
[2006-08-20] “…to Institute new Government, laying its foundation…”
-- article by Dennis Wilson

  • Starting over from basics.
  • How the Covenant of Unanimous Consent fulfills the promise of Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence
[2006-2008] What’s up - A discussion thread about The Covenant of Unanimous Consent

  • Thread is still open. Add your comments.
[2009-05-22] Supplement to “A personal journey… ”
-- article by Carrie Burdzinski

  • Carrie Burdzinski REALLY cuts to the root of why--in spite of the obvious lack of government in the Galt’s Gulch model--most Objectivists reject “anarchy”.
[2009-09-13] “Why I think the Covenant is more important than the Constitution”
-- article by Dennis Wilson

  • A call for more articles from other Signatories.
[2009-10-13] “Personal Declaration of Independence” or the Covenant of Unanimous Consent?
-- article by Dennis Wilson

  • Which should an Objectivist do?
[2010-04-14] Build Liberty From the Ground Up
-- article by Darian Worden

  • Another article that COULD have had the Covenant in mind.
[2010-05-24] Butler Shaffer article that applies to a Supersedure community

  • ...creating a “right” arising out of contract – how is this right to be enforced
[2010-07-13] Butler Shaffer: Do You Own Yourself? & On Reclaiming Self-Ownership

  • Two more Shaffer articles that apply to the Covenant and Supersedure
[2013] UNANIMOUS CONSENT in ’49ers California mining camps!
-- article by Dr Thomas J. DiLorenzo

  • The Culture of Violence in the American West: Myth versus Reality
    The Not-So-Wild, Wild West
[1977] An American Experiment in Anarcho-Capitalism: The Not So Wild, Wild West
-- article by Terry L. Anderson and P. J. Hill

  • There is much here that is applicable to a Covenant Supersedure Zone or Galt’s Gulch type of society.
[2011-12-23] Defending the Gunslinger
-- article by Gareth Brickman

  • ...the gunslinger actually acts in part for the broader, law-abiding community. By deterring criminal actions, or engaging against and halting criminal activity, he is defending the interests of the community as a whole at no additional expense to the people within it. Conversely, the government can only attempt to provide such services by requisitioning resources from the community forcefully.
  • In short, because the revenue of bureaucracy is a matter of political allocation rather than customer allocation the incentives simply do not exist for government providers to perform nearly as efficiently and successfully as market providers.
[1908] Anarchism and American Traditions (1908)
-- article by Voltairine de Cleyre (1866-1912)

  • It is apparent that laissez faire capitalism and the contemporary economic works of von Mises were unknown, but the remainder of the work is fantastically insightful and logically leads to the Covenant and a Supersedure society!
[2010-11-09] Supersedure Zones: Temporary and Permanent Autonomous Zones (TAZ, PAZ)

  • Discovery of some operating models for Supersedure Zones
  • Are we who live in the present doomed never to experience autonomy, never to stand for one moment on a bit of land ruled only by freedom?
[2011-03-07] MORE Supersedure Zones springing up!!

  • “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny”.
    Thomas Jefferson

While there obviously could be great benefits to living in a Supersedure zone--such as a town or county--there is also the risk and hazard of gathering a number of Signatories into what could become a target area for violent Statist dissenters (especially if the “zone” was well publicized). As in all things, individuals need to assess for themselves the risks of such alternatives. For some excellent advise in this area, see DON’T RUN FOR THE HILLS TO FIGHT FOR FREEDOM an excerpt from Invisible Resistance to Tyranny: How to Lead a Secret Life of Insurgency in an Increasingly Unfree World, by Jefferson Mack.

The excerpt from his book can be found at my site, along with a related comment from The Claire Files, as well as at Vin Suprynowicz site:   (Privacy Alert, April 2003).
[2008-04-05] A glimpse into Supersedure: Public Schools Abolished.
-- article by Lew Rockwell

Go to the PDF Download screen for Articles about the Covenant of Unanimous Consent by clicking the next line or the button..:
Articles about the Covenant of Unanimous Consent

What could be closer to a historical example of The Covenant than the Icelandic Free State?

Medieval Iceland: The Icelandic Free State (930-1262)

“Medieval Iceland had no bureaucrats, no taxes, no police, and no army. … Of the normal functions of governments elsewhere, some did not exist in Iceland, and others were privatized, including fire-fighting, criminal prosecutions and executions, and care of the poor.”

A collection of articles about Medieval Iceland starts here:

Medieval Europe, after the Collapse of the Imperial Roman Empire also provides numerous valuable historical examples.

1,000 “Dark” Years

I include the following series of articles about the Middle Ages with the Covenant of Unanimous Consent because the slow motion collapse of central governments, following the historical model of the Imperial Roman Empire, will lead has already led to conditions in which the Covenant can and should play a vital role.


What *IS* so important about 1,000 years of human history that advocates of government need to label it “Dark”?

As the Imperial Roman Empire became increasingly tyrannical and finally died, people ran away to the Germanic and Frankish areas that surrounded Rome. To illustrate that fact, here’s a quote from a man named Salvian the Presbyter, from about 440 AD:

  • Thus, far and wide, they migrate either to the Goths or to the Bagaudae, or to other barbarians everywhere in power; yet they do not repent of having migrated. They prefer to live as freemen under an outward form of captivity, than as captives under the appearance of liberty. Therefore, the name of Roman citizens, at one time not only greatly valued, but dearly bought, is now repudiated and fled from, and it is almost considered not only base, but even deserving of abhorrence.
[2013-05-11] Living for 1000 Years -- The “Dark”? Ages
-- article by Dennis Wilson

  • Humans actually managed to live--and thrive--without big, central government!
  • Law Merchant developed during the time when humans in Europe actually REJECTED the existing Roman law and customs (which caused the collapse of the Empire!) and managed to live--and thrive-- for 1,000 years without big, central government! When the big, central government of Ancient Rome collapsed, small groups in Europe organized themselves--and their laws--for their common defense and trade and lived in their small groups, trading with other small groups, for 1000 years...
[2013-06-06] Government Against the People: It Gets Worse In the Late Stages
-- article by Paul Rosenberg

  • I think it’s quite clear that we’re in the same civilizational stage as late Rome. What happens to us won’t be identical, but it will be similar. The one great advantage we have now is information.
[1990-01-12] The Hispanic Tradition of Liberty: The Road NOT TAKEN in Latin America
-- article by Professor Leonard P. Liggio

  • ABSTRACT: In the last decade, historians have identified the case of the West’s success in liberty and wealth: Medieval legal and political institutions. England and the United States (especially the United States Constitution) preserved longest the medieval legal and political institutions which accounts for their greater success in liberty and prosperity. Spain equally possessed these institutions, but at the moment of Spanish settlement in Mexico, and Peru, it abandoned its medieval institutions for ‘modernization’ - America should re-examine Spain’s medieval traditions of liberty and search for roots to regain the Anglo-American medieval road to liberty and prosperity.
  • Linked from a comment in a previous article, this 1990 article is indeed “stunning”.  Dennis
[2010-Jan] The Myth of the Scientific Dark Age
-- article by Tim O’Neill

  • Addresses the erroneous belief that there was no scientific progress in the Middle Ages.  In fact, modern historians of science have long since shown this to be a myth and have gone on to show that far from being a scientific dark age, the Medieval period lay the foundations of modern science.

Go to the PDF Download screen for Living for 1000 Years - The “Dark” Ages? by clicking the next line or button..:
Living for 1000 Years - The “Dark” Ages?


…many still don’t get that the problem is not the guy on the throne today; the problem is the existence of the throne.

Imagine being around lots and lots of people who know that you own yourself. They don’t want you to be subjected to “limited” state aggression, or “constitutional” state aggression, or their own favorite flavor of state aggression; they want you to have NO ONE committing aggression against you. How extreme! How often are you around more than three people at a time who want you to be truly free?.

Larken Rose.
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