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Author Topic: Other versions of Forth that run on GA144 chip  (Read 8621 times)
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« on: 2012-April-23 06:49:24 PM »

Other versions of Forth that run on GA144 chip

Excerpts from

9 March 2012 8:00 Friday 
"...etherForth is my name for the software environment I'm creating for the GA144" --Charles Moore

23 June [2011] 9:00 Thursday
"GreenArrays is preparing to test and ship chips. polyForth as well as eForth now runs on the GA144."

19 January [2011] 12:00 Wednesday
More good news from GreenArrays: John and Bill have gotten eForth running on the GA144. This is the first high-level language to be implemented, beating out colorForth, which I have neglected.

This eForth uses a 1Mword SRAM for off-chip memory. SRAM is smaller but cheaper (as little as $6) than DRAM and illustrates our software ability to interface other parts.

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